Friday, 14 December 2012

When Using Samsung Mobile Camera,What Should We Pay Attion to ?

Samsung special let a person look forward to one of the reasons is that it special camera. So what fantastic it is? Here I will answer for you.
A new Samsung Galaxy S4 specs leak revealed that the new device will feature a 13-megapixel camera.This information derived from a document that surfaced on the internet this week.A higher amount of megapixels will make it more challenging for Samsung to have the handset perform well in low light conditions, since pixels get smaller and noise gets in easier in those conditions.
This 13-megapixel sensor was originally planned for the Galaxy S3 and second-gen Galaxy Note, but when the time came to release the two devices, Samsung chose to stick with an 8-megapixel sensor for efficiency.A 13-megapixel shooter would be capable of capturing images with 4208x3120 resolution. This camera would require more processing power and extra RAM if Samsung were to include it on the fourth generation Galaxy S.The Galaxy S4 is also rumored to feature a quad-core Exynos 5450 chipset that clocks in at 2.0GHz, according to older reports.This chip is said to be made on a 28nm process and its CPU might be downclocked to at least 1.7GHz, according to similar chipset is found in Samsung's next Nexus 10 tablet, which is powered by the Exynos 5250 that features two Cortex-A15 cores at 1.7GHz and Mali-604GPU.
Whether the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 camera, or the Samsung Galaxy S3/S2 camera, all likely to face a problem-delete Samsung Galaxy cameras photos by mistake. And recover Samsung Galaxy is an easy thing. Well, how easy on earth? I will introduce it to you below.

When we delete data from Samsung mobile phone, the data are not really disappear, until you to write more data in mobile phone, and take the original position, these data is really gone. So we must stop to write data into mobile phone at once, the following is looking for samsung galaxy data recovery method.

Most guarantee method to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy is used mobile phone data recovery software.
Step 1. Download and launch Tenorshare Data Recovery.
Step 2. Plug-in Samsung Galaxy to computer, and select the correct partition to scan lost data.
Step 3. After several minutes, you will note a directory of scanned data displayed around the interface, then hit "Preview" button to find out what they're, but if your photos are scanned successfully by program.
At last. Select one or multiple photos that you'd like to bring back, then click "Recover" button when getting lessen it.
Little hint:
If your Samsung mobile phone system is Windows Phone 8, you can also use the above method to recover data for windows phone 8

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Monday, 9 July 2012

3 Tools to Hack Windows Password Easily and Effectively

Forgetting a computer password is nothing terrible anymore, although it might seem to lose access to your computer. Thankfully, there are lots of free and commercial utilities that you can use to hack Windows password and rescue your locked computer. These utilities will reset your password or even change a new password for you, which all grantee you successful access to your machine. Let’s see what these utilities are:

1. Freeware to crack Windows password—Ophcrack
Ophcrack is a free password cracking tool that is based on the rainbow tables’ brute forcing techniques. Up to now, Ophcrack has been rewarded as the best freeware to reset Windows password. If you don't have access to any accounts on your computer, you may need to use Ophcrack's Live CD. Please follow the below steps:
Step1: Download Opcrack at this page: Later, install and launch it on an accessible computer.
Step2: Start up Ophcrack and select the account you want to hack password for. Then click "Crack" to begin the process of recovering your password. This may take a while, so be patient.
Step3: Log into that account with your newly recovered password. Be sure to remember the password from now on. (Note: Shortcomings of Ophcrack are: a). Unable to crack complicated password. b). Taking quite a long time for password recovery process.)

2. Freeware Windows password hacker—PC Login Now
PC Login Now, like Ophcrack which is also a freeware program to hack Windows password. It removes passwords rather than displaying them. Once it is downloaded, you burn the image to Ophcrack and will automatically remove the password and boot into your operating system straight away. For the specific steps you can refer here: Likewise, as a typical free password recovery program, PC Login also has the similar disadvantages as what Ophcrack has.

3. Professional and commercial Windows password hack tool—Windows Password Cracker Std
Compared as the above 2 free utilities, this one—Windows Password Cracker obviously is more professional, efficient and functional in Windows password hack. With this tool, you can perform Windows password hack on any Windows-based machines and hack any Windows password no matter how long or how complicated it is. Don’t you believe that? Then, let’s prove it:
Step1: Download Windows Password Cracker and install it to a non-problem computer. (Note: This computer should be accessible.)
Step2: Prepare for a blank CD/DVD.
Step3: Insert the CD/DVD to the computer and create the Windows password reset disk by burning the Windows Password Cracker ISO files to the CD/DVD.
 windows password hack
Step4: Insert the created disk to your locked computer, and boot the computer with CD/DVD.
Step5: Hack and reset the forgotten password with that burned Windows password reset disk.
hack windows password

That’s all for the utilities on Windows password hack. Any questions on the operation of Windows Password Cracker, you can visit here to get image and video tutorial guide: